Since the year 2017, Harvest International Trading is aiding in bringing world to Qatar. Efficiently providing import and distribution solutions from across the world.
Once associated with us, our partners retains one of the largest stake of the market instantly in the State of Qatar. Along with the personalized solutions for our partners we have honed ourselves in creatively penetrating the competitive sector and pioneering the consumer segment.
Our specialized services are a perfect fit to our suppliers and has proven to work wonders with their expansions.

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Our Services

  • Import & Distribution
  • Ushering the prime in FMCG sector, from the affluent parts of the world to another. We import high quality products to alleviate the market standards currently eminent in the market.

  • Transportation
  • Once the any business decides to expand into Qatari market, we provide absolute incubation by our assistance starting from the port itself. We provide professional logistical and transportation services to the fresh brands in Qatar.

  • Delivery
  • Every product requires the assistance of delivery services while in course of its market expansion. We endeavor to enhance our brand’s organizational agility and operational efficiency. We search for every possible opportunity to reduce costs and increase productivity.

  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Nurturing the budding brands with much needed expert marketing and awareness locally. Helping them to achieve their market dominant goals quicker with creativity and reliability developed over the years of authentic and ethical business performed by our team.

Promotional Marketing

In today’s business marketing is the backbone of any brand’s existence. Thus this crucial service is provided within our partnership to ease the struggle of starting new.
Through our expert and professional advertising, we were able to achieve all the sales goals set by our partners. Due to our time in the market our suppliers can have the advantage over the newer competition to the market.

Large Supplier Core

For every dealer in the market having variant array of brands is crucial. And thus for our retailers, we carry an assortment of sought-after brands to fulfill the demands of the consumers with apt choices.
Our Suppliers range from France, USA, India, Vietnam, China to Italy.
We also possess in-house produce of frozen goods, Vegetable oils, grains, processed beverages, Rice, Poultry and meats with assurance of quality and taste.