Initiated in 2012, with a vision of alleviating the local NAAAS ACG is one of the sustainable subsidiary. Working towards bringing technology and agriculture together, NAAAS AGRO is cultivating excellence within the industry in the State of Qatar.
Today’s need of the market of producing more yield per square footage has brought Qatar at a stage where innovation has become a necessity. Looking forward to the advancement we NAAAS ACG, modify our consultative expertise and transform into the absolute fit for all our clientele.


Our Services

  • Supply & Installation
  • An aider of the highly advanced agricultural solutions. Comparable to small- and large-scale Greenhouses, hydroponic systems, vertical farming solutions and others availed from best in the industry European markets to the State of Qatar.

  • Specialized Consulting
  • We endeavor association with the experts in the field working on scientific advancement of the agricultural sector, to subsidy years of expertise and high-level qualification packed in a nutshell. This enlightens our clients with our adept consultancy and guidance customized to fit their business.

  • Retail of Products
  • A well sorted array of industry’s best fertilizers, biostimulators, seeds, pesticides and other farm to fork products with an easy option to buy small or order bulk quantities from our web platform. We also provide bio control solutions with Integrated pest control services for farms by order.

  • Smart Gardening
  • As the city moves to uber methods of going green, even in small spaces, we provide futuristic solutions of smart gardening. Our featured products range from vertical farming, smart greenhouses, aquaponic/hydroponic to smart garden products.

Sustainable Solutions

In the light of the steeped demand of locally produced goods, Qatar’s local provisions has been lacking farther from the imported good’s production and supply. Thus in order to help shorten the petite supply in presence of the demand of the market, we have introduced proven innovative solutions to stimulate the efficiency of the local production.
Since the year, 2017 we have been working and introducing newer more competent solutions within the market. We have also sorted the best providers of the industry from Europe in order to contribute to Qatari businesses.

Smart Farming

Today’s insistence from the environment is concerning and requires attention from not only the current but upcoming generations. Consequently we are working together with the educational systems and introducing smart gardens to the newer generations and with this exposure from early ages has high potential for the recognition and acceptance of smart gardening which will absolutely transition to smart farming in the future.
The application of our smart farming solutions is not only small-scale, instead it is proven to produce much better results on a larger scale in terms of aiding to the environment.