Our Sectors

We strive to achieve excellence in all services we provide. We contribute significantly in terms of providing business multi-solution services to meet demands of major contractors and corporate as per international standards.

Real Estate Sector

Real estate development is the process of creating value by making tangible improvements to real property. Internationally, Real estate sector is dynamic and very fast growing, and in Qatar It is expected to continue to fulfil requirements for the 2022 FIFA World Cup reaching its peak as a respond to the world rapid changes and open access. NAAAS in real estate sector works within a leading group in various areas of real estate projects development and management as well as its supporting services. We do that in cooperation with an integrated teamwork who aim at client`s satisfaction and high standard performance. Additionally, we provide our clients with many substantial and numerous Sector opportunities with reliable guarantees inside and outside Qatar, through our wide business and Sector network acquired. We contribute to long-term encourage a drive towards sustainability.

Industrial Sector

The world industrial sector is affected massively with the 4th industrial revolution and technology innovation. On the other hand, the State of Qatar has made great strides in all fields of economy especially the industrial ones, within a short period of time. Additionally, it has built an advanced infrastructure capable of serving national industries and responding to its future needs and challenges. We at NAAAS strives to provide our clients with proper Sector opportunities through common projects. Additionally, we provide entrepreneurs and companies in the State of Qatar with consultation and support with a view to building bridges, aiming at providing real opportunities to invest in various industrial aspects. Through multiple companies operates in this sector. Our numerous competencies allow us to respond to the needs of industries looking for a new market. Our numerous competencies allow us to respond to the needs of industries looking for a new market.

Agricultural Sector

World has made tremendous innovations on agriculture and Botany science. Qatar, too has made great efforts over the last few years by adopting sustainable and smart agriculture techniques such as hydroponics, smart irrigation, and aquaponics which improved the optimum utilization of arable land and quality of fruits and vegetables. We at NAAAS provide a team of accomplished agriculture experts with passion towards world and local agriculture growth. We provide agri-business with advanced tech supplies, integrated consultancy services, end-to-end greenhouse management services as well as livestock and aquaculture workshops. We believe in the importance of bringing agriculture with the technology.

Hospitality & Services Sector

Hospitality implies warmth, respect and even protection; it builds understanding and appreciation among cultures. Hospitality and service sector is under international standards and controlled by a global market, which puts us only with the choice “offering a high standard services”. NAAAS proud itself on the diversity of value propositions it provides. We consider meeting the market and our client’s needs through our multiple companies in this sector. Along those lines, we avail sustainable and innovative solutions in the hospitality and services sector. Within our trading umbrella, falls number of our companies and services, which efficiently engulfs the market with its large access to local markets in international provisions, with its exceptional services within the government and the private sectors guaranteeing the high quality of services of hospitality and facility management.

Trading Sector

In the world of Internet and Globalization, there is no limits for your trade! And here in Qatar, the country’s economic policy focuses on diversification away from the hydrocarbon sector and on establishing Qatar as a regional financial business hub. At NAAAS we take the best out of the international and local markets advantages. Once associated with us, our partners retains one of the largest stake of the market instantly in the State of Qatar. Along with the personalized solutions for our partners we have honed ourselves in creatively penetrating the competitive sector and pioneering the consumer segment. Our specialized services are a perfect fit to our suppliers and has proven to work wonders with their expansions. Through our companies line under this sector, we create commercial flows, import and export products, arranging and managing international projects with our partners.