Across the world, citizens are worried about the consequences of industrial agriculture: soil depletion, loss of biodiversity, transportation, excessive pollution and nitrification of swamplands, pollinator decline, food waste, GMO’s, tasteless food, low nutritional value, food security, etc.

We deliver a smart greenhouse that allows everyone to reconnect with their food.
Designed to grow fruits and vegetables in limited spaces, our technology combines the best growing techniques to minimize the carbon footprint.
Installed in as little as one day at home, our greenhouses are anchored in the ground.
Composed of die-cast aluminum and tempered safety glass, they are ready to withstand all weather conditions. The four skylights open automatically to regulate the temperature and humidity levels.


Sizes & Prerequisites


Turnkey solutions to achieve food autonomy in your backyard, Healthy organic vegetables and fish, all year round, No soil work, watering or weeding, One hour of enjoyable weekly maintenance, Yields up to 18 times as much as field production, Limited inputs and energy required, Installation in one day


Vertical growing is also practical for very small urban spaces, especially for terraces or rooftops in large cities.
The city allows you to create aquaponic or bioponic gardens on a surface area of 3.5m2

Vertical Farming Technics


Use fish and frow food:
Prefered by hobbyists, aquariophilists and skilled gardeners


Use organic fertilizer:
Prefered by newbies, businesses, travelers